Dear Universe


Dear Universe,⁣

I’m struggling. My body’s crashing. My energy’s disappearing like sand rapidly slipping through the cracks between fingers. My limbs are weak and shutting down. My skin is burning with flames. Symptoms are mounting, the capacity to do anything evaporating.

Please help me ride this wave. Help me restore everything that’s lost. I need to rise out of this crash soon. I need to be able to prepare my body for the behemoth challenge I’ve set before myself. It’s coming. It’s coming in just one month. Help me be of service. At this I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to have to pull out of yet another thing. Let me do this for me and for all those who also suffer invisibly.

Now is the time to be gentle. Remind me to be gentle. Remind me to pause. To rest. To hold myself. To be patient with this failing body. To nurture it in the ways that it needs right now.

Universe, please hear me.

With love,⁣