A Spoonie's Thoughts on Mother's Day


A new thought crossed⁣ my mind. ⁣ It was never there before. ⁣ Where it came from⁣ I don’t know. ⁣ What it means for me⁣ I don’t know. ⁣ “Will I ever be a mother?”⁣ I did not want this question. ⁣ “Will I ever have my own Mother’s Day?”⁣ I did not want this question either. ⁣ Because I don’t know⁣ if this body will ever be able⁣ to grow a child⁣ without it breaking me. ⁣ I don’t know if this body will⁣ ever be able to raise a child⁣ in a way that is best for that child⁣ ...without it breaking me. ⁣ I just don’t know. ⁣ There are no answers here. ⁣ No one alive can know the answer. ⁣ For this game of chronic disease⁣ is a fucking game of⁣ Wait and See.