Far From Family

Far From Family

Far from family.

⁣I’m feeling that distance today in my heart.

I was feeling it before the photos⁣ came ringing in on my phone.

Feeling it before seeing the youngest in our family being held in the arms of our matriarch,⁣ my grandmother,⁣ Nani. ⁣ ⁣

See, there’s a family reunion next door to me. Parents with their grown daughter,⁣ grown daughter with a family⁣ of her own. Parents turned grandparents⁣ playing with their grandchildren. ⁣It all looks so lovely⁣ so loving⁣ so familiar and yet distant.

⁣I’m missing my family⁣ today.

Missing my husband too⁣ and...⁣ (this is hard to write)⁣ wondering if my body will ever⁣ heal enough to⁣ let us begin a family⁣ of our own.