Sweetness and innocence⁣ is the fragrance you exude,⁣ little one. You have entered this world⁣ as second born,⁣ first daughter, little sister.⁣ Sweet Sienna Myrna,⁣ you have captured our hearts⁣ in the first mere moments of your delicate existence. Peaceful, beloved, tender -⁣ this is the legacy passed⁣ onto you, held within⁣ your namesake. Oh how you will rise⁣ as a force to be reckoned with. You are born from a goddess,⁣ another pearl in a line of strong women. The world will need your grace,⁣ your love, your infinite power. Sister to your brother,⁣ may you grow together⁣ in understanding and love. Little niece of mine,⁣ I will watch over you,⁣ I will learn from you,⁣ I will forever hold you in my heart.