Back to Solitude

Back To Solitude

Alone. ⁣

Back to being alone with myself. ⁣

The delicious silence is almost tangible. ⁣

I believe those are my thoughts⁣

that I'm starting to hear once more. ⁣

I would like to keep writing but right now ⁣

this body needs to be nourished ⁣

and nurtured. ⁣

The moment he left, I began to dissolve⁣

into symptoms of the flu. ⁣

The effects so hard on a body ⁣

that already feels like it's running⁣

a million marathons with the flu ⁣

every. single. day. ⁣

But it's okay. ⁣

I'm happy to be here. ⁣

I'm happy to give myself rest. ⁣

I'm happy to relish in the silence. ⁣

This is the best gift I could⁣

give myself on this