Feeling Rushed

Feeling Rushed

Like a fish on a hook⁣

Being reeled in⁣

Being pulled forward at lightening speed⁣

This is how I feel⁣

Especially when people are around me⁣

And my nervous system is on⁣

Overdrive ⁣

I can't find the words⁣

I can't slow down enough to think⁣

I just constantly feel like⁣

I'm being pulled forward by an⁣

Invisible force⁣

Rushing me along ⁣

Time is racing ⁣

I want to slow down ⁣

This death anniversary too⁣

It is heavy on my mind ⁣

It's approaching all too quickly ⁣

I need the quiet ⁣

I need the peace⁣

I need to be able to sit ⁣

And think ⁣

So that I can write ⁣

And let flow out of me the⁣

Surge of potent emotion ⁣

That has been pent up⁣

And suppressed for an entire year⁣

But I also want to be with him⁣

To test those waters ⁣

Because our time together ⁣

In the same physical space⁣

Is so few and far between ⁣

What to do?⁣

But let go